About ZooBlogs

ZooBlogs was created to satisfy the need for safe web publishing, specifically for kids. ZooBlogs is an extension of ZooBuh's email for kids. It carries virtually the same parental controls, and features as ZooBuh.

Blogs have been mainly reserved for older Internet users, until now. ZooBlogs offer virtually the same liberty of expression through blog publishing for the younger generations of Internet users. Your child can post his/her thoughts, expressions, creative writing controlled by you, the parent. ZooBlogs can also help your child learn how to use a computer, learn how to type, improve spelling and communication skills.

What price do you put on the safety of your child? Internet Safety should be taken seriously. ZooBlogs allows your child to interact with others in a fun, safe and easy to use environment. ZooBlogs is an excellent tool to help your child learn communication skills, learn how to express themselves, learn typing skills and assist your child in becoming familiar with computers and the Internet. We are continually making efforts to make what kids want and what parents need at the lowest cost possible.

Getting Started

ZooBlogs is an add-on for ZooBuh. You must have a ZooBuh account. For a limited time only, ZooBlogs is FREE. Take advantage of this quickly.

To get started--first, create your account by registering. Second, you will be sent an activation code to the email address you provide. Once activated, it will take you to the Parental Control Panel so you can add your children's accounts. Then, add ZooBlogs to your account, so your child can start publishings If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact customer service.